While breathwork is a very individual and intimate experience, the combined energy of sharing the experience within the safe container of a group raises everyone's vibration and can amplify one's ability to go deeper.   Adding in sound healing enables the brain move into the Theta brainwave frequencies that induce deeper meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind, and intuition.  We are mostly composed of water, and therefore the vibrations emanated reverberate throughout our entire bodies, putting us into the parasympathetic state, or healing state, with lasting effects. 


Combined with breathwork, and implemented during the deepest meditative and integrative portion, it's an incredibly powerful combination encouraging more profound healing and relaxation. 

Next groups: 

  • with Brian Sholette and Himalayan Singing Bowls 1/6/20, 3/2/20, 5/4/20, 7/6/20, at Color Up Wellness, 2191 S. Broadway, Denver

Breathwork & Sound

Is this a gift?
  • With 24 hours or more notice, you will receive a credit valid for 6 months, towards a future workshop that I manage directly.  Please reach out with any questions.

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