Thursday 9.3.20 @ 7 PM MST

Monday 9.14.20 @ 10 AM MST

Monday 9.14.20 @ 7 PM MST - Breathwork & Tarot (please register here)

Sunday 9.20.20 @ 7 PM MST

Monday 9.28.20 @ 10 AM MST


While we define our new normal and emerge as peaceful warriors, how can we ensure we are nurturing and nourishing ourselves? How can we take time to focus inward, so we can raise the collective vibration? Through the power of technology and the power of the breath, we can gather as a community and heal ourselves. This online breathwork session will be a gentle, fully guided experience, to go deep within and breathe in love and calm, and breathe out fear, stress, and anxiety. It is adapted to serve and heal your mind, body and spirit, while keeping your psyche safe in this virtual environment. I designed this practice to be gentle, loving, and the results are immediate.


Benefits available:


* Reduce stress and anxiety

* Improve blood pressure and the alkalinity of your blood (related to stress levels)

* Tap into your parasympathetic nervous system, and out of fight or flight

* Safe way to achieve an expanded state of consciousness

* Heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

* Clarity, peace, calm, flow, love, and so much more...


Please set up your space - I recommend a yoga mat, pillow, blankets, water, and eye cover. You will receive a Zoom link the day of the session. I will play music through zoom and recommend headphones or a quality speaker. 


Please contact me with any questions. All experience levels welcome.  This is not the full Conscious Breathwork I facilitate in person or during private sessions, but an adapted experience that still has major emotional benefits and is ideal to do virtually.  Each session is about 1.25 hours total. 


Tickets for this breathwork are $22.22 payable by venmo (@claudia-nanino), paypal, or this page. A sliding scale is available with no questions asked, so please message me privately me to arrange.

Breathe in Love - Virtual Breathwork

  • No refunds, but with a cancellation prior to the class you will receive a credit towards a future session.  

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