Breathwork is a very intimate experience, a deep personal journey within.  When both partners are committed to this level of self work, reflection, and growth, the relationship becomes a beautiful container to support one another's spiritual evolution.  Exploring this work together creates space for stronger levels of trust, intimacy, and empowered vulnerability.  

I have created a safe, high vibrational, private space, and will intuitively select crytals customized to each individual's energy, share ceremonial cacao as a heart opener, and review how you can use your relationship as a sacred container for spiritual growth, before diving into the breathwork.  With my presence and support, I help you both tap into your inner healers, while also channelling the universal life force and the intelligence of the breath to facilitate deep release and connection.  

Flexible scheduling, your purchase confirmation will include details on how to book.   

Please allow for up to three hours.    

Private Couple's Breathwork Session

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  • I ask for 48 hours should you need to cancel or reschedule.  

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