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Claudia Nanino
Master Breathwork Facilitator. Crystal Curator.
Seeker. Mother.

I am a master breathwork facilitator, crystal curator, and an explorer of non-ordinary states of consciousness (aka psychonaut).   A Colorado native born from immigrant parents, I returned to Denver in 2016 after a devastating divorce that I held a lot of the blame for, and struggles with addictive behaviors. I sought out nontraditional self development and healing modalities, after more western approaches felt out of alignment and left me feeling stuck in logic and still disconnected from my heart.  I began to rebuild my life and catapulted my spiritual evolution with various teachers, healers, and practices.  Then I found Conscious Breathwork and my healing was brought to the next level after my first experience.  Through breathwork, I felt the true embodiment and integration of everything I had been working so hard on and was able to finally forgive and love all aspects of myself.  Answering my soul’s calling, I completed an apprenticeship with Christian de la Huerta, which included over 250 hours of hands on training.  I have left my corporate career behind and am fully devoted to helping others heal themselves.  I have led thousands of journeys globally and am still amazed every time.

I also hold a 200 hour yoga certification, have completed 50+ hours of trauma informed healing training, and train people for breathwork facilitation with a 250+ hour apprenticeship program.

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