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Breathwork is a powerful healing modality, accessible by everyone.  With it’s profound ability to calm, heal, and connect, breathwork has existed for centuries and has many names and lineages.  This specific transformational practice is known as Conscious Breathwork, and evolved from the Rebirthing style, which preceded holotropic.  


Breathwork allows us to tap into the universal life energy, revered throughout time and known by many different names such as prana (Hindu), chi (Tao), mana (Hawaiian), manitou (Algonquin), holy spirit, reiki (Japan), and so many more. 


Quantum physics has proven the long held spiritual beliefs that everything is energy, it is all interconnected, and energy cannot be destroyed – only transformed.  Therefore emotions are energy as well, and throughout our lives when we don’t fully express or if we suppress or repress an emotion, the energy gets stuck in the body.  Over years and years of this, we live under the weight of these blockages, which naturally and often unconsciously interfere with our well-being and our relationships.  Breathwork uses the intelligence of the breath, and it's access to the universal life force, to travel throughout the body and find these blockages and release them.  Not only are you healing years of unresolved experiences and patterns that no longer serve you, but you make room for clarity, peace, love, and to reconnect your most authentic self.  This work benefits you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  The practice is safe, gentle, and the results are life-changing.  

Benefits available

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Positive effects on your blood pressure and the alkalinity of your blood (related to stress levels)

  • Heal unresolved experiences, emotions, and trauma stored in the body

  • Releasing patterns and stories that no longer serve you

  • Boost your intuition and spiritual evolution

  • Safe way to achieve an expanded state of consciousness

  • Integration of your other self work and peak experiences, including psychedelics

  • Manifestation

  • Clarity, peace, calm, flow, love, and so much more...

I will fully guide you through a specific pattern of breath, with which you are able to go deep within and flood your body with this energy, attaining a non-ordinary state of consciousness.  At a bare minimum, you will have a beautiful, relaxing meditation that provides great stress relief.  However, on the other side of the spectrum there are an infinite amount of stunning possibilities including a sense of oneness, emotional releases, healing of old trauma, bliss, and so much more.  Regardless of the experience, which is different every time and for every person, there is no wrong way to do it and you are guaranteed healing simply by allowing the breath to fill and flow through you.   


Similar to non-ordinary states of consciousness attained with psychedelics or plant medicines, this practice allows a similar profound journey and spiritual work by simply tapping into the power of the breath. 

For Breathwork & Cacao visit here

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