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Do you feel the call to further develop your gifts?
Are you willing to dive deeper into your own transformation? 
Are you ready to serve the collective, and help people heal themselves? 
Do you connect with breathwork as a powerful healing modality?

I proudly and thoughtfully launched my Conscious Breathwork Apprenticeship program in March 2021. I am pouring my heart and soul into this, so that we can exponentially share the healing breathwork provides. 

With over 300 hours of training, including hands on, we will explore:
Facilitation, introductory business practices, conscious love, shadow work, intuition, non ordinary states of consciousness, self exploration and healing, being trauma informed, integration, other modalities, and so much more. This year I'm incorporating other discussions with experts as well, including other successful practitioners.

All while catapulting your own personal evolution as you embody the practice and it’s wisdom, and further develop your skills. 

It’s time for your initiation. Trust me - the world needs us. The world needs you. 

In April of 2023,  I launched the new iteration of my apprenticeship to be also be accessible for anyone out of state as well. Currently running until February, 2024, and with two five day immersions in Colorado, biweekly calls, and individual work, it is a comprehensive 10.5 month program. The next cohort will begin in April of 2025.  


I do ask that you please breathe with me first, either virtually or in person, to ensure this style is for you, and then sign up here to receive the full program details and cost.  You will immediately receive an email - please check your spam folder if you don't see it. 

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