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So humbled and grateful for these beautiful testimonials...  

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Monday night [virtual breathwork]. I’m a mental health counselor and talk about breath work for anxiety, depression, pretty much everything. How great it is for grounding and connection. What we did Monday night was very different than anything I’ve done before and it was phenomenal! Thank you!

- S.

Claudia holds sacred space where you can realize and process what’s going on.  I am so blessed and honored to have the experiences I did with these amazing breathwork sessions with her. I cannot express my gratitude and heartfelt love enough for her and what she’s helped me through. It has been life changing and I appreciate the transformation she helps provide through breathwork. I am eternally grateful!

- Kelly S.

Hi there, I wanted to thank you for the breath workshop ... It was the most unique and honestly the weirdest meditation I’ve ever done, and I’ve been yoga-ing for 13 years and meditating for maybe 7 years. I’ve had this strange lower back pain for 4 months - sciatic nerve and my sacroiliac joint. I’ve been going to 10 doctor appointments a week since mid-Nov and it was so debilitating that I couldn’t walk for the first week, couldn’t drive for 2 weeks, couldn’t dress myself for 2.5 weeks, and I have no real idea of what caused it. Over time I’ve realized it had a lot to do with emotional stress, anxiety, and depression ...
The breath work on Monday made me forgive my mother and then forgive myself, and during that process I felt an air bubble in my back pop. That night I treated myself to the most luxurious bath I’ve ever taken. The next day I couldn’t feel my back- the first time since October 29 when the pain started. Today I continue to feel so strong that I canceled my acupuncture appointment and am about to try yoga for the first time in 4 months. I am soo relieved, excited, and thankful.
Wanted to thank you for the workshop and for clearing the space for me to have such an amazing breakthrough. I told my doctors about you and my PT asked for your card...
- J. L.

I truly had an incredible experience from your breathwork last night! I have been telling my friends how wonderful it was and the message I received on my journey. I received clarity and was empowered. But something else happened that I did not even realize how miraculous it was until just a few minutes ago. I am 52 yrs old, I wear contact lenses and I am at that age where reading glasses are a continuous need... I need my reading glasses for all reading: writing, sending texts, messages, typing, etc. ...I need them for every reading need.....until this morning!  I discovered this while I was at the store just a few minutes ago,  and was receiving all these text messages and didn't realize I was reading them without my reading glasses. I actually thought I was wearing them because the text messages were so clear, there was no possible way I could have read them without my reading glasses, but yet, I was. HOW AWESOME IS THAT! 

I am so grateful for your knowledge, and your loving and gentle spirit.  Your breathwork is amazing and I truly cannot wait to do this again. 

- Leslie A.

In one word, I’d describe my experience with Amarsi’s breathwork as transformative. It amazes me how something as simple as my own breath has the power to create such an unforgettable physical and emotional experience. Claudia’s guidance is gentle and comforting and she really brings a feeling of love and connection to each session. If you’re curious about breathwork, take a chance and give it a try!

- Alison M. 

I am so grateful for Claudia -- I felt immediately drawn to breathwork after my first experience with it several months ago and feel blessed that Claudia is now offering so many regular group breathwork sessions in Denver. I reached out to Claudia during an incredibly difficult time in my life through 1:1 breathwork sessions, group breathwork sessions, and crystals I've felt so held & supported by her. She brings a beautiful, grounding, and safe presence into her sessions; and the modality of breathwork itself is so magical. It will meet you where you are, and provide you with the healing you need. Whether you're curious about trying breathwork and/or wanting to invite crystals into your life, I 100% recommend reaching out to Claudia!

- Shannon K.

I had my first experience with Claudia and her breathing, healing, energy moving workshop and it was so so amazing. Can’t wait to go back.

- Jill C. 

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