Crystals carry powerful energy from millions of years ago, embodied as they grew, often from water rich in minerals, into stunning symmetrical patterns. They are a fascinating example of sacred geometry, made of the same elements we are, and vibrate at beautiful, high frequencies.  They are an excellent compliment to breathwork, or used alone, either by being worn or simply being within your space.  Each one has it's own healing and energetic properties, and in my experience, they choose you... 

I have hand selected each stone, such as this Amethyst point in the background, which is excellent for protection, reaching higher states of consciousness, and meditation.  I also love curating selections for people, tailored specifically to your needs.  Crystals can be selected based on what draws you in, what energies or intentions you are looking to amplify, or for healing purposes.  I love nothing more than to help connect you with the right crystals, and invite you to please contact me for a viewing or consultation.

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