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Q: How do I schedule with you or see your availability?

A: All of my offerings can be booked through my site on the Schedule tab, including my availability for private sessions.  Please contact me if you can't find something that works with your schedule, and I'll see if I can open time.

Q: What are your offerings?

A: I primarily facilitate conscious breathwork journeys, in person and virtually, private one-on-one sessions or groups (both public and private), and retreats.  I typtically have 4-5 in person and 1-2 virtual groups monthly.  These can all be found on the Schedule tab. I also offer breathwork education for corporations, businesses, or groups that want to learn more about optimal breathing and explore different techniques that can then be used independently.  Please contact me for more details on that. 

Q: Is this holotropic breathwork?

A: No, this style is conscious breathwork, which evolved from the rebirthing style, which precedes holotropic.  Most of these deeper styles have their roots in rebirthing or holotropic.  Variations of these deeper styles also include transformational, shamanic, neurodynamic, owaken, and more. 

Q: I have more questions about breathwork, could we have a call?

A: Yes, I offer a free 15 minute call, which can be booked on the Schedule tab.  

Q: Do you offer sliding scale or scholarship? 

A: Yes! As a woman of color, I am focused on making breathwork more accessible to everyone, especially BIPOC and marginalized communities. Please don't be shy in asking and contact me to arrange.  

Q: Do you offer breathwork certification / training? 

A: Yes, I do.  Please visit my apprenticeship page for more details. 

Q: Do you have an email newsletter?

A: Yes, I use it to highlight upcoming events and a little crystal fun. Please use this link to sign up for it.

Q: Is breathwork safe for pregnant women?

A: Yes, with doctor approval, but please consult with me first to ensure we incorporate any modifications necessary.

Additional questions? Comments?
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Denver, Colorado


IG: @amarsi.claudia

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