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Firstly, thank you for supporting me in this journey.  I am so grateful to live the life that I do, as a single mother and solopreneur, by helping people heal themselves.  I appreciate that my community supports me when there is an unexpected challenge - like now. 

My younger self saw breast implants as a good choice. I thought it was a one and done surgery, that I would never have to redo or revise (I was not informed that these would require surgical maintenance every 10-15 years, nor of the possibility of breast implant illness, aka BII). It felt like a necessary step to feel good about myself and be found attractive.  To be honest, I enjoyed them for many of the last 16 years and they felt like they were a part of me.  But a few years ago that changed.  I began to feel that one felt off - there was an inexplicable border that I could feel.  I began to consider replacing them, but kept putting it off due to the expense.  Separately, I also was dealing with autoimmune concerns (hashimotos, candida, low iron, hair loss, low energy).  In January, I had the realization that they no longer felt like a part of me, were either the cause or exacerbating my health concerns, and decided on an explant surgery.  Literally the next day, I found out that one was ruptured and leaking silicone.  One month later, I confirmed the other was ruptured as well.  

I am so grateful to have health insurance, but they only cover part of the surgery, and I have a deductible.  Plus my surgeon does not accept insurance, so I am going "out of network."  However, she is considered the explant specialist of Colorado, so I am confident in her skills and expertise with BII (I had one surgeon tell me BII hasn't been proven but, if I believe they are making me sick, than removing them should help, but wouldn't guarantee the removal of all affected tissue).  Rather than go into debt, I'd like to offer this unique community experience to help me raise money and have a fun time together doing it. The funds raised will help cover my surgery costs and lost income during my two weeks of recovery. 

If you are unable to attend the event and still want to support, here is a link to the silent auction:

Event Details

Saturday 4/13, 3-6 pm at Invisible City (9th & Santa Fe)

Ceremonial Cacao

Conscious Breathwork

Optional Earth Medicine

Community & Music 

Silent Auction




Event Partners

Thank you Invisible City for the beautiful space. Thank you to my community allies for supporting with donations for the silent auction

Elizabeth Marie Filkin of Cosmic Tea

Ali Duncan of Urban Sanctuary

Dannie Huggs of Sol Shine

Pam Lell, Rocky Mountain Medical Massage Reiki & Accupuncture

Android Jones, Independent Artist 

Briana Pharos, Breathwork and Beauty

Zaidy Charron, Charron Ayurveda Clinic

Del Jolly, Umbo Functional Medicine

Jerrod Collins, Massage Therapist 

Katie Aller, Revive Bodywork

Katie Meloche, Personal Training & Breathwork

Lalania Simone, Ritual Alchemy Goods

Meagan Fawcett, Kambo/Reiki, Breathwork

Daniel Lopez, D.O., Inspire Osteopathy Denver

Caitlin Price, Hair Specialist

Ali Ng, Massage Therapist

Jeremiah Davidson, Cold Exposure Expert

Pam Lell, Massage Therapist

Brian Nicholson, Choreographer

Raffle Items

PrimeHealth Supplement Packs

Malas from Tibet Imports

Android Jones Hologram Art + Sticker 

Virtual Breathwork, Katie Meloche

In-Person Breathwork, Briana Pharos

Group Breathwork, Emily Cave

Empowered Goddess Ritual Kit - Nourish, Sol Shine

Kid Dangerous & Girl Dangerous Gift Certificates

Amarsi Crystals

Amarsi Sweatshirts

 Amarsi Group Breathwork

Amarsi Turkish Towels

image_123650291 (1).JPG

Suggested donation of $70 (includes 5 raffle tickets)

For $60, use code 60DONATE (includes 3 raffle tickets)
For $50, use code 50DONATE (includes 1 raffle ticket)
For $40, use code 40DONATE
For a lesser donation, please email me

Cancellation policy - I kindly ask for 24 hours notice to cancel and receive a credit you can use towards future breathwork offerings. No refunds.

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